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Experienced Representation on All San Antonio Immigration Issues

Aggressively pursuing citizenship and visas for clients in Texas and beyond

The Law Offices of Justine M. Daly provides comprehensive immigration law services to people in the San Antonio area. Whether you are seeking help for yourself or for a loved one, Attorney Justine Daly has the experience and tenacity to help. Ms. Daly does whatever it takes to get her clients results, including flying to other countries when necessary for hearings or other matters. As a professional, Ms. Daly gives clients the individualized attention they need to achieve a positive outcome.

Trustworthy attorney provides immigration law representation

Justine Daly has more than two decades of experience helping clients and families in Texas attain positive results in all types of immigration proceedings and filings. From procuring temporary work visas to achieving full citizenship, she helps fights for the rights of clients in many situations, including:

  • Asylum and refugee status. Ms. Daly works with clients to prove to an immigration court that the client’s reason for leaving their homeland makes them a refugee. This often happens when the applicant has left a country that is unsafe to return to due to war, a natural disaster or some form of violent intolerance.
  • Certificates of U.S. citizenship. Attorney Daly helps obtain this document for those born to American parents outside of the country or those who became a citizen due to their parents’ actions before their 18th birthday.
  • Deportation and removal proceedings. Sometimes the government tries to take immigrants away from their family and their entire life in the United States. In these cases, Ms. Daly fights deportation and removal.
  • Family-sponsored immigration. There are a variety of methods for citizens to bring their relatives into the country as legal residents. Attorney Daly works with clients to move through these processes as quickly as possible.
  • Green card renewal. Ms. Daly walks clients through the green card renewal process, including e-filing Form I-90.
  • Naturalization. This is the process by which a person born outside of the United States becomes a full citizen.
  • Immigration criminal defense. Ms. Daly works with criminal defense lawyers to help avoid deportation and other immigration-related consequences of criminal conviction.

Ms. Daly has established herself in the community as a well-known provider of professional immigration services. She is passionate about helping families overcome the legal challenges that have been keeping them from living together in the United States.

Skilled legal representation for business clients seeking immigration services

Justine M. Daly helps both businesses and professionals navigate the complicated world of work visas. She also assists companies in the E-Verify process and conducts I-9 audits. Ms. Daly helps musicians, entertainers, athletes and others with “extraordinary ability” acquire EB-1 Visas so that they can live in the country as a permanent resident.

Call now for help with immigration issues in the San Antonio area

The Law Offices of Justine M. Daly provides representation and assistance to clients in San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Laredo, as well as in the areas in-between. Whether you are a citizen, a resident, an alien or a corporation, Justine Daly has the experience and tenacity to fight for you. To schedule a consultation with an experienced and established immigration attorney, call 210-475-9306 or contact her online.


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